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What to do when you just can't sleep

1:45am and wide awake....I'm sure most of us have been there!

I had been laying there for a while thinking I wish I had seen Comet Neowise while it was visible in the night sky in July but I hadn't managed to coincide being awake on a night where the sky's were clear. This was my chance! I carefully slipped out of bed grabbed a few layers and my camera bag and a tripod. Every post I had read said the best time to view it was around 3:30-4am so I was a bit early. I was up though so might as well go out and see what I can see. Firstly I headed down to the estuary side to try and capture some night sky shots and work out where the constellations were. With the tide racing out and the boats moving around too much in the water, a long exposure shot just wasn't going to work, so after a few test shots I moved on. Next stop was the beach front at Hannafore near Looe. Armed with my head torch I headed off across the beach and rocks...carefully. The best angle was heading back towards the east and Torpoint as the sky was getting quite cloudy and very damp. After lots of lens cleaning I got a few decent shots.

But Looe Island and the comet where hidden by cloud, so it was time to move on. Next stop was a high point in a quiet country lane in land. The images here worked quite well with a 25-30 second exposure and I had less risk of falling in the sea.

Still no comet in sight! My final spot was the quiet location of Talland Bay, which is just stunning and has a great cafe...which isn't open at 4am.

I saw quite a few shooting stars and comets and it was a beautiful dark night.

A great productive night and back home before dawn with the clouds drawing in, so not making it worth waiting for sunrise.


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