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The Story of Greydog


Greydog Images provide a bespoke and specialist service focusing on photography and videography of real estate, property, people and pets. Based in East Cornwall near Looe, I’m happy to travel across the South of England to service any customers needs. Imaging from the ground or via drones from the air to capture perfect angles.

Specialist in natural pet portraiture, taking your animals to the places they love and capturing timeless images. Fixed price services including on-line consultation and shooting time.

Promotional images for properties which includes capturing images for rental properties in the UK and across Europe. Allowing you to actively market your properties for sale or rental.

All aspects of corporate photography and events from new product launches, creation of new website images content to team building and outdoor activities.

Behind The Lens

I had my first SLR camera when I was at Junior school, it was a Russian brick of a thing and everything was manual. Taking photos then was a lot less about quantity and more about quality and posting those 35mm films to Kodak was expensive, so learning about light and light meters was key.

I’ve always been interested in taking shots but about 20 years ago I started working at weekends taking my first professional shots at sports events. The pressure was on and being focused and not missing that key action image, was the key to success. Since then I have continued to develop my skills working on portraiture, lighting and staging properties.

I love sport and action shots but I also love capturing the detail and the effects light can have on an image.

This is still one of my favourite images, not often you catch a dog sun bathing!

Dave Tuckett
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